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like this idea...

i found this idea on a friend of a friend's lj (bored in work, you know how it is), and i found it most entertaining. you know how you save parts of text message conversations? well, out of context, the chat can be most peculiar. highlights from my phone include:

i know! imagine our pulling power if we turned up clean...

in car. yes.

ciaran. i am a fool.

contemplating getting people to call me 'the dude' after watching the big lebowski. d'you think it'd work? [this is in my templates folder. i remember typing it, but not who i was going to send it to. or indeed who i sent it to, if i sent it]

popular hockey girl i'm stalking you. i'm hiding in a bin keeping out of view. i've a polaroid camera and binoculars. and when i get home i'm gonna wank for hours.

i'm ashamed of us both - rizzo should always have been peter pettigrew - fear not, you've just got a dark wizard....

a title? how about carry on researching! or dr brocken and mr jones?

still not sure about a nettle suit. not without a strategically placed dock leaf.
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hahaha that's genuis but unfortunately mine would be really boring. I have a funny feeling 'meet me at two' wouldn't really pump anyones nads!
cheers for joining :)