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[07 Mar 2005|11:47am]

Now that I have your attention, come join my discussion community. A lot similar to yours actually. impractical_ Good times, I swear
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[04 Jan 2005|04:27pm]

I fear this good chat may not be soo good no more, its been neglected!!

Sign of members having no good chat what so ever, eh?

Or is it to be another of annies failed inventions, ha ha!
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so, [20 Jun 2004|02:33pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Mrs X and Mr Y are walking to get some pizza
They stop at a junction and Mr y suggests to Mrs X that because of their excitement at getting the pizza they should jump up and down and shout "PIZZA PIZZA!".
Mrs X kindly obliges just as a car, most likely filled of 'holligans' screeches by and one of the aforementioned 'hooligans' screams out the window
to this day, mrs x has not lived it down and all both mrs x's and mr y's friends have refered to 'bouncy titties' only as


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[22 Apr 2004|01:28pm]
Oh yeah and I was out the other night in this well full of numpties club called 'the shack'. I was chatting away to some randoms I didn't know at all and one of them said to me
'here, you're giving pure bad chat'
I was pure gutted man. I have 'bad chat anxiety' now and everything.

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I have already posted it in my journal [22 Apr 2004|01:18pm]
[ mood | amused ]

But this is such a homage to 'when chat goes wrong' (box-set £24.99 from a store near you *snort*) that I had to post it again.
I am in a residential halls in dundee and somehow it seems to be full of rather thick shits. I laugh about this often and sometimes make up songs about it, such as the old classic '600, 000 reasons why we hate scott mcenzie' etc.
Anyhow, one night I was out at our union and I was standing outside with a friend of mine, feeling like a bit of banter.
This londoner who I had never really had an opinion on came up to us and started chatting away. So I started giving banter (which basically meant I started being a cheeky cunt for shits and giggles). He started (bless him) trying to give me comebacks which were actually the WORST I had ever heard. So I said to him
'are you aware of the fact that you give the worst comebacks in the world?'
and he said 'what are you talking about?' *or something to this effect
I replied 'Listen I'll insult you and you give me an adequate comeback...I believe you to be of limited intelligence'
and to my surprise he started getting all afronted saying
'how can you SAY that you DON'T EVEN KNOW ME! YOu fucking bitch? How dare you?' (etc etc etc very boring)
and I had the distinct idea he hadn't really understood what I was saying
so I said 'James I didn't actually mean that as an insult, it was an EXAMPLE of an insult, you were supposed to give me some wit and cheek back' and he pure didn't understand and kept going on at me which prompted me to say
'Not only I have proven that you have awful comebacks, but that my insult was actually TRUE! very poor show james'
He really hates me now. I was reminded of this cos my friend janey said he was loojking for my door last night to give me some abuse????? people are funny little creatures sometimes x

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like this idea... [13 Apr 2004|05:19pm]

[ mood | amused ]

i found this idea on a friend of a friend's lj (bored in work, you know how it is), and i found it most entertaining. you know how you save parts of text message conversations? well, out of context, the chat can be most peculiar. highlights from my phone include:

i know! imagine our pulling power if we turned up clean...

in car. yes.

ciaran. i am a fool.

contemplating getting people to call me 'the dude' after watching the big lebowski. d'you think it'd work? [this is in my templates folder. i remember typing it, but not who i was going to send it to. or indeed who i sent it to, if i sent it]

popular hockey girl i'm stalking you. i'm hiding in a bin keeping out of view. i've a polaroid camera and binoculars. and when i get home i'm gonna wank for hours.

i'm ashamed of us both - rizzo should always have been peter pettigrew - fear not, you've just got a dark wizard....

a title? how about carry on researching! or dr brocken and mr jones?

still not sure about a nettle suit. not without a strategically placed dock leaf.

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i know no better famous people stories than these.... [13 Apr 2004|01:04pm]

[ mood | jealous ]

hi annie!

i just had to join, so i could share with other people highlights of my conversation with my friend sara last week. her dad works as an accent coach on films (he did cate blanchett in veronica guerin, amongst others!), so she has the BEST stories of anyone i know. samples include:

"so mum and dad were at brad 'n' jen's wedding. matthew perry's got a big red puffy face - it's the drugs - and courtney cox arquette is too skinny by thousands of miles."

"mia farrow was kinda cracking on to my dad on that film. it was just after it had come out that woody allen was banging her daughter and she was looking for some solace in the arms of a big northern irish fella."

"it was mum's birthday and dad was on a film. so richard gere rang her to apologise for him not being there."

and finally, the best famous person story, ever.

"mum and dad have this house in donegal. craig and i were up for the weekend, and one morning we were kinda getting 'down to it', and the phone rang. it rang for ages, and then rang off. and then it started ringing again. so i decided to answer it just in case it was bad news. i said hello, and this voice said "hi. it's pierce brosnan. is brendan there?", i said "sorry?!", and he repeated that it was pierce and he was looking for my dad. so i said he wasn't here, and pierce said "well, where is he?", and i said "err, try belfast?" and he just said ok, and rang off. it kinda spoilt the moment for craig and i though. wouldn't you think that james bond would have a better radar for sex action than that?"

have you ever met anyone else who can claim to have been interrupted by pierce brosnan ringing looking for their dad?!!!

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[12 Apr 2004|09:42pm]

A great idea for a community; banter is priceless.

Last night I was having a conversation about a really bland girl with some friends. At various points in the conversation the following gems were uttered;

"She is so bland that her children will be born as blank sheets of white A4 paper"

"She is almost like a raincloud with legs"

"Her family tree would be one of the most boring tree's like a typical oak tree with really straight branches and no leaves"

"I bet her pets are just Brillo pads with legs"

& so on and so forth. Ah good chat cannot be beaten. x
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Umm...... [09 Apr 2004|04:03am]

[ mood | randomness ]

me: (gesturing towards the inards of a glass of water) ooooh this water smells of outside... smell it!

boy: what??? (smells it and stars laughing)

me: what? it does! smell it! (smells it again)

boy: (laughing)


boy: (still laughing)

me: why are you laughing? i SWEAR it smells of outside... SMEEEEEEEELLL IT GODDAMNIT!!!

boy: (still laughing and holding his chest in pain)


Here, it DID smell of outside, i swear.... all fresh and airy and cold, you know???

Ok, so really i had nothing particularly relevant to do with chat... but hey, random conversations, s'all good.

BY THE WAY, i've started saying DUDE a hellva lot recently. Which is rather scaring me, but it just sounds so damn kitsch american and good!!!!

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courtesy of miss kirsty wilson... [09 Apr 2004|02:20am]
[ mood | amused ]

'I always think he looks like his pee would be really concentrated'

she's very specific...I'll give her that


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The first post! [08 Apr 2004|07:21pm]
[ mood | creative ]

So hello there everyone!

This community, as said in the bio, is for recollection and sharing of moments of good chat! For funny insults or theories that people have told you recently and you rather want to share with the world. For things that people have said that are complete bollocks or someone being a complete idiot and talking absolute shit. If it's got to do about chat, tell all.

Right now my favourite insult is 'mongoose' not because I am 'random' but because for a while back there it was 'mongo' and that wasn't doing me any good. I like telling people to 'sort it' and to 'get the fuck out my house'.

A few weeks ago I lost the keys to my room (I live in halls of residences) and so went to the front desk to get a spare set. The conversation went like this:

Me - "Hi there I've lost my keys could you get a warden to lock my door for me?"
her - "Where did you put them?"
me - "I don't know, hence why they are lost..."
her - "Oh right. So have you locked your door?"
me - "No, I've lost my keys..."

I then concluded the woman I was talking to rather lacked in intelligence and cut the conversation short. Bad chat. Very bad chat.

So, please post all sorts of things to do with chat, it may well make my life a wee bit better

- Annie

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