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i know no better famous people stories than these....

hi annie!

i just had to join, so i could share with other people highlights of my conversation with my friend sara last week. her dad works as an accent coach on films (he did cate blanchett in veronica guerin, amongst others!), so she has the BEST stories of anyone i know. samples include:

"so mum and dad were at brad 'n' jen's wedding. matthew perry's got a big red puffy face - it's the drugs - and courtney cox arquette is too skinny by thousands of miles."

"mia farrow was kinda cracking on to my dad on that film. it was just after it had come out that woody allen was banging her daughter and she was looking for some solace in the arms of a big northern irish fella."

"it was mum's birthday and dad was on a film. so richard gere rang her to apologise for him not being there."

and finally, the best famous person story, ever.

"mum and dad have this house in donegal. craig and i were up for the weekend, and one morning we were kinda getting 'down to it', and the phone rang. it rang for ages, and then rang off. and then it started ringing again. so i decided to answer it just in case it was bad news. i said hello, and this voice said "hi. it's pierce brosnan. is brendan there?", i said "sorry?!", and he repeated that it was pierce and he was looking for my dad. so i said he wasn't here, and pierce said "well, where is he?", and i said "err, try belfast?" and he just said ok, and rang off. it kinda spoilt the moment for craig and i though. wouldn't you think that james bond would have a better radar for sex action than that?"

have you ever met anyone else who can claim to have been interrupted by pierce brosnan ringing looking for their dad?!!!
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