Sins Were Forgiven & Sickness Fell (fromthe__hip) wrote in good_chat,
Sins Were Forgiven & Sickness Fell

A great idea for a community; banter is priceless.

Last night I was having a conversation about a really bland girl with some friends. At various points in the conversation the following gems were uttered;

"She is so bland that her children will be born as blank sheets of white A4 paper"

"She is almost like a raincloud with legs"

"Her family tree would be one of the most boring tree's like a typical oak tree with really straight branches and no leaves"

"I bet her pets are just Brillo pads with legs"

& so on and so forth. Ah good chat cannot be beaten. x
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hahahahhaaha genuis.
she so bland she make shit taste like soup!!

Ok that didn't make any sense. Cheers fer joining andy :)
No problem, I think its a great idea :) Maybe see you at Rev tommorow m'dear.
aye defo methinks. see ya there!